Do you have a love hate relationship with your kitchen? Do you love the layout? Do you hate the cabinets? kitchen refacing might be the perfect solution for you. Kitchen cabinet refacing, is a process of replacing all doors and drawer fronts, and leaving existing kitchen elements in tact,  saving you a considerable amount of money and keeping the layout the way you love it, but with a new custom look by WhiteHouse Renewal.


As long as your cabinet frames are somewhat structurally intact your kitchen is eligible for cabinet refacing.  there is no need to completely replace them. If you need additional storage space, we have many space saving option too! You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles. We replace all hardware with new knobs, hinges, and pulls. The process is fast and easy. In most cases it only takes three to five days to get your dream kitchen. Compared to weeks required for a full replacement.


Cabinet refacing is a environmental friendly solution to full kitchen remodel. it uses significantly less material. You are essentially recycling your old frame work that is completely covered in a color match veneer. The best part is, everyone will swear you replaced everything! You get the wow factor while keeping some cash in your pocket and you can feel proud about making a good decision for the environment every time you walk into your brand new kitchen.


Many choose cabinet refacing over a complete kitchen remodel. It saves both time and money, and can be completed in most cases in as little as 3 days. Full kitchen tear out can take weeks which are sometimes required when a new layout is desired. The cost of refacing is significantly less. About half the cost of a full custom kitchen remodel. You still get the luxurious kitchen you’ve always wanted, but at a much reduced cost.  Many homeowners hire out to scam companies, thinking they are saving money. Then in the long run end up spending even more, when the kitchen doesn’t hold up. Many scam companies will offer a full replacement at what seems like a great price, then use shortcuts like low budget and low quality materials. If you are concerned about saving money, kitchen refacing is a much better solution than employing a shady companies. Kitchen refacing will outlast any low budget cabinets that these other companies are offering…..