There isn’t a rule book to follow when attempting to update your kitchen. There are however tons of ideas out there for inspiration. Read below for the top indicators that you may be in the market for a new kitchen. 

1. You are selling your house.


Yes, the time has come. You are ready to list your house for sale. Sure, you can sell your house with the original kitchen. But if you were to choose to remodel your kitchen prior to listing your house, you will be able to obtain a higher bid due to the investment that you made on the most important room in the house. A potential buyer may be attracted to the fact that the kitchen was already done. Thus, leaving less for the buyer to do before moving right in.

2. The hinges on your cabinet doors are visible when the door is closed.

Yep, that’s right. You can see your hinges. These don’t hide themselves if you choose to paint your kitchen either. Nothing screams dated kitchen more than a nice set of light maple cabinets with brass hinges. Except maybe a scalloped valance over the sink.

3. Everything is oak.

Doesn’t matter what type of oak. Light oak, honey oak, dark oak. Whatever oak. The 1980’s called, and they would like their oak back! While oak is a beautiful hard wood and is very durable, it dates the kitchen

4. You just purchased a house.

Congrats on your purchase! It’s time to update the kitchen and make it your own. Start by adding value to your home and update that kitchen!

5. You replaced the counter tops.

You thought this would eliminate the problem, but it didn’t. Now you have beautiful new counter tops sitting on top of dated cabinet boxes. Don’t worry, you have options. You can paint, refinish, or reface your cabinets without having to reinstall the counter tops.

6. You painted the cabinets.

You thought painting the cabinets might fix the problem. And it did to an extent. While painting is a viable option, it’s not permanent. It requires upkeep. If this is your forever home, you may want to explore other options. Learn more about cabinet refacing and whether it is right for your home.

7. You purchased new appliances.

Ahh, you have a nice new oven and a nice spacious refrigerator. The only issue now is, they look out of place. Upgrading by refacing your cabinets costs less than a full kitchen remodel. The best part is, you don’t have to remove your newly installed appliances to finish your kitchen.

If you can relate to any of the items listed above. It’s time to start doing research on the best kitchen remodeling option for you and your home.